We are Not a Marketplace

We do not act as a Marketplace, we assist you in processing orders, but we do not place you within a Market to compete with the other users of this platform. It is your Business to Brand and to Market.

B2B Customer Service

We Provide our Business Customers with a dedicated Support Site as long as you are our Business Partner, we address any questions within a timely manner. We do not communicate or support with your customers.

Payment Gateways

Our product offers various Payment Gateways available for you to be paid directly (some have charges for example PayPal), we do not act as a payment processor for you.

What do you get for our service.

We have a range of options for your service solution, we have some free options with our partner at TokenTakeaway.co.uk which offers a slim version of our solution, with only crypto options as the payment gateway.

pl8app Takeaway Solution

Dedicated B2B Customer Service
Hosting (99% Uptime ) , Email and Domain All Provided
SSL Certification and Geofencing Security
Access to pl8app Takeaway System (Webservice)
Services Included : Pickup and Delivery
One Business Branch per Subscription
Cancel Anytime, No Contract

£20 per month (Plus UK VAT)

TokenTakeaway - Takeaway Solution

Only Processes Crypto Payments
Dedicated B2B Customer Service
Hosting (99% Uptime ) , Email and Domain All Provided
SSL Certification and Geofencing Security
Access to pl8app Takeaway System (Webservice)
Services Included : Pickup and Delivery
One Business Branch per Subscription
Cancel Anytime, No Contract

Free to Subscribe!

Easy Set-Up for Businesses

We have worked tirelessly to make it very easy for any user to set up their business on our service system. All you need is a device which can view websites (with working wifi) and a Thermal Printer with Bluetooth/USB capability.

Automated Website

Many of our websites features have been automated, such as your Map Location or Footer Details. Which means during setup you only need to type these once, then the website intelligently populates your Business Details

Easy Menu Management

It is easy to list new menu items, change prices and even manage stock levels. Also upload your item photos, pictures of your own food really does help build your business reputation.

B2B Customer Service

If you struggle with any part of the process we will help you through our dedicated customer support site and via both telephone and email to ensure you are confident in using our product.

Simple Design, Powerful Website

We believe when it comes to customer service, simplicity is key. We do not complicated our websites with pages and pages of information. We know your customers are hungry for their food, they don't need to spend time trying to find out how to order it with our service system.

Giving Your Customers Choice

When you list your item, it is not just a simple product listing, we offer variables, additions and upgrades and of course the ability to create bundles or combos for your set meal deals.

Quick Ordering

Our page design and special features offer a quick transaction time for your customers, during our tests with some of our business partners, we tracked customers entering the site and completing the order within 1m30s on average.

Established in 2013

The first time "pl8app" was used as a brand was way back in 2013, many years on, our brand still remains strong in our field. We wanted to include a creative way to display to link to your plate, whilst providing a modern app.

Our First Application

Our first Application was Android based, it compromised of photo plate taking and a simple food review system, combined with social media integration. It was quite primitive by today's standards, however it provided the spark to continue to develop our business.

Our Owners

Our owners here at pl8app have many years experience owning and working in the fields of Hospitality, Food Retail and Food Manufacture. We understand the needs of our business partners as have been working in the same field. We test every feature of our solution prior to releasing it to our business customers.

Marketing Your Business

We do not pit you against other businesses in a marketplace, we simply provide you with good tools for your business, to help you Build your Business and Brand.

Marketing Material and Advice Resources

Within our Service System you can generate and download a QR code for you to print onto your menus and marketing material. For those whom do not use an external forwarding domain, this is a great option for your customers to find your site with the default pl8app domain protocol.

Discount Codes

Our Service System supports the creation of discount codes for your customers, this can be used for a promotion or used in conjunction with our Review System (coming soon), where customers can get a discount for their next order from you in return for giving you a review.

Additional pl8app Features

Check all our additional features below which help support your business

pl8app Domain Protocol

As well as providing you with hosting, we provide you with a default domain, which will be formed like this BUSINESSNAME.TOWN.pl8app.co.uk as this seems long winded for your customers we do support you forwarding your purchased domains and ofcourse provide you with a QR code to use on marketing material.


Your Business will be hosted by ourselves for free as part of the business solution we offer. The server has 99% uptime, we will still need to run updates, this will be chosen at a time to impact least users.

SSL Security

SSL Site Security is available as standard on your pl8app solution


Together with Hosting and a Domain, we provide an email address, which the settings so you can access will be provided to you so you can receive order notifications and customer questions. The email address will have the same naming protocol as your default pl8app domain.

Food Safety Recording

We have built a Food Safety Module, which covers all main areas for recording, this features helpful reminders and all data can be exported and printed for your records.

Sales Data

Our service solution has a great level of analytics you can use to check sales figures week on week, even drill down to see which menu items are selling the most for you.

Day and Time Menu Control

We know many of our business partners have different menus on particular days of the week, or even different times of day. Using our system allows you to manage when menu items are available.

Advance Booking

You can control when a customer can pre-order from your business, how far ahead of the current day you can take orders and of course, manage the time slots by placing limits on times, so your kitchen does not get overwhelmed.

No Show Blocking

Our service system supports the blocking of customer no shows, this would trigger their account from being able to place any future orders, helping you save wasted resources. This is an optional feature.

Our Own Cryptocurrency

We support the use of our own Cryptocurrency Token (please check the link at the top of this page for the separate site regarding this). We made this hopefully to reduce fees by taking digital payments. But please make sure your business bank supports the use of Cryptocurrency before using. (This feature is coming soon)

Geofenced Website

We try to actively block incoming traffic from countries which we do not serve, this both helps protect from some hack threats and reduces server use.

Multiple Tax Rates

If you charge sales tax on your products, we know that some can have different tax classes than others, so we allow you to set multiple tax rates and set which products use which rate.

Driver Zone Groups

Do you have drivers which know certain areas better than others? You can group certain postcodes together so these can be divided between relevant drivers easily.

Auto Printing Function

We have developed our own software (to cater for everyone there are actually 2 solutions) which means any New Orders your business may receive is printed automatically. Assuming the computer and printer are both switched on at the time (We do not provide any hardware with our solution)

Our Service Solutions are constantly being developed and evolved.

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